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Changing the story of Caregiving...

Whether you are an agency delivering meals, providing transportation or supporting Caregivers through respite and coaching, the "My Way" Support Guide will contribute to everyones journey.  Providing these services and meeting with people is the perfect opportunity to distribute the guide, to give them some peace of mind, start some hard conversations and help them provide care that enhances everyones journey.  

The marketing opportunity on the back side of the guide is a perfect way to connect the people of your community to the resources that are available to them.  It is also a terrific way to introduce them to your agency and the services you provide.

Volunteer appreciation events are so valuable in saying thank you and honoring those who support our community.  Looking for the perfect gift??  The "My Way" support guide is a terrific way to say thanks!


Cost for Non-Profits

1-500  $3.50/guide

1x marketing set up $50

Non-Profit Discount  20%

Free Community Education if you order 300 or more ($450 value) 

      (outside of 100 mile radius of New London, MN travel fees will be applied)

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