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Marketing that comes full circle...

Every guide you hand out helps Individuals, Families and Caregivers


Healthcare Agencies

When was the last time your marketing dollars gave you a return on your investment, that actually helped your staff provide the next level of care?

As healthcare agencies we are all trying to find all the right questions to ask the people we support so that we can provide person centered care.  

What if your future clients, patient or residents came with the answers to the questions we don't know how to ask??  WHAAAAAT?


Imagine how much different our relationships would start...

       "How your start....dictates where you end...."


Banks, Financial Planners,

Insurance Agencies, Lawyers


Helping people get their affairs in order so that there is money to ensure we are financially ready for life's journey, insurance that protects us incase of a crisis, and Wills to ensure our most treasured possessions go to those who mean the most to us. 


Imagine if you could provide them with the insurance they need to ensure that they are supported in a way that is comfortable and familiar to them.  Imagine how many families and Caregivers you could help?  How many lives you could change...

The "My Way" Support Guide was designed to not only provide answer that will help us better support people but also an opportunity for your agency to start building relationships before there is a crisis. 


The entire backside provides an opportunity to market your agencies mission, vision, and values, services or community resources.  

Cost of "My Way" Support Guide

1-500  $3.50/guide

1x marketing set up $50

Price Break after 500

Did you know...
Today 1 out of 5 of us are affected by Dementia.
Within the next 10 years it will be 1 out of 2 of us...
Are you ready?
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